About Kellie

Kellie Grill is a Happiness Expert, Motivational Speaker, Author, and Songwriter.  She has studied and researched the effects of Happiness and Positive Attitude for over 27 years.  She is a proud member of the National Speaker Association and Past President of the NSA-Oregon Chapter.

Kellie works with people who want more happiness in life and employers who want happier more productive employees.

Kellie’s audio book is called “Happiness Is Here-Simple Strategies for Staying Happy”.

Kellie and her husband Dave live in Wilsonville Oregon on a horse ranch called Whirlwind Ranch. They have 3 children and 2 granddaughters.

Kellie is Chairperson for Oregon Horse Country.

Dave and Kellie own Whirlwind Publishing (& Speaking Services)

Kellie and Dave’s first book is their critically acclaimed non-fiction love story called “Send Me a Sign” co-written with Doug Binder.

A portion from all of Kellie’s speeches, book sales and happiness retreats goes to Breast Cancer Research.

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