Spring begins today and so can YOU! What makes YOU happy & what are your goals?!!

Hi! Happy first day of Spring 2012! :) I hope your day— and your year is blooming and is full of what makes you happy —and all that you are dreaming of.
In fact, on this first day of spring as things begin to bloom and grow and warm up for summer I want to ask…what are you dreaming of? Are you still working long hard hours each day for your New Year’s Resolutions that you set eighty days ago?
I hope so and if not well, you can still have every one of those dreams and goals come true. Want to know the secret to having those resolutions come true? WORK HARD!! Okay so it’s not that popular of an answer however, it is the true answer. Nothing great ever comes easy. In fact if it was easy everyone would be doing it or have it right? RIGHT!! :)
I just attended sales guru Jeffery Gitomer’s event today in Vancouver Washington at the Red Lion Hotel and guess what I learned? We must all work long and hard if we are going to get what we want.
So… Let me ask you the question again and ask it with the WORK HARD “twist” to it.
What makes you happy and what are you dreaming of? and are you willing to WORK HARD to get it?
You can have it— REALLY you can, there’s only one BIG catch… you must be willing to work hard for your dreams to come true!
One of my resolutions for 2012 is that I want an extremely successful speaking business and to sell more of my love story books “Send Me a Sign” and more of my audio books “Happiness Is Here-Simple Strategies for Staying Happy”.
In order to do that I know that I must be willing to speak more and write more blogs, articles, newsletters, post more on facebook, linkedin, twitter, and youtube and gain exposure –exposure– exposure.
So… here is a new blogpost on my happiness site and I will be writing more and more of these.
Please be sure to check back at www.KellieSpeaksHappy.com for more information and valuable insights on happiness, positive attitude, connections, relationship building, inspiration, motivation, and also some good ole fashioned FUN! :)
Thanks for being my customer and my friend. I appreciate you more than you will ever know.
Best wishes on achieving all of your dreams and goals. Feel free to comment on here to tell me what your goals are and when you achieve those goals.
You can be sure I’ll be sending positive thoughts your way! I want you to have all you ever dream of.
May love, light, and happiness be yours now and always!
Wishing you warmth and joy,
Kellie :)

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