White, Fresh and Clean SNOW brings a new start in Spring!

Cleansing and beautiful SNOW in Springtime at Whirlwind Ranch in Wilsonville, Oregon

My husband Dave and I woke up this morning at Whirlwind Ranch here in Wilsonville Oregon to about 3 inches of gorgeous white fresh and clean snow! It is so pretty and so refreshing. It made me think how Spring is a new start and a new birth to the flowers, trees, and baby animals.
Springtime is also a new start for us all to soak in the goodness of nature–the sights, the sounds, and the amazing smells of the new season. I went out today and smelled the SNOW! Yep, I breathed it in and it smelled so fresh and wonderful. How about you? When did you last smell snow? or a budding flower? or even dirt for that matter? :) Do it–trust me it will make you smile :)
Our fresh new snow’s white color reminded me of purity and light and how we all can start fresh and become anyone that we want to become. We can become pure and new again–if we set our minds to it. Our past is just that–the past. The present is our gift and today is a GIFT! :) We can change anything we want from our past and BLOOM and begin anew. We can do anything we want to do. We just have to believe and we just have to have faith and we just have to work hard and work smart for our dreams. Here’s wishing you LOVE, LIGHT, HAPPINESS and a dusting of pure clean fresh white snow to start off your Springtime for 2012. Even if you don’t get it to cover your ground literally, here’s hoping you can imagine it dusting you off and making you fresh, more alive, and bring you hope to face a fantastic 2012 Springtime of your life! :)
May you enjoy the pleasures and joy that are yours for the taking this Spring and always! :)
love and blessings,
Kellie :)

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