Motivation for Monday from Kellie Grill

A lavender colored Azalea bush POPS and BLOOMS in the Spring sunshine--welcoming Monday and all who visit us at Whirlwind Ranch!

Hi! I thought I’d say hello and wish you a happy Monday. It is definately a Happy Monday for me as I’m coming off of being ill with a very sore throat and head cold so I’m thrilled to see the sun here in Wilsonville Oregon and to be able to be out of bed! :)
Being Monday it got me to thinking about a neat song a friend of mine in Nashville wrote over 20 years ago. It is a song called “Thank God It’s MONDAY” and it’s lyrics are a spin off of the original “Thank God it’s Friday” saying. His song is about how wonderful it is to have a job that provides for the family and to have money coming in from that job and to be very appreciative of Mondays as they help to keep the wolf from the door and help keep life good. I feel that way too. I’m so thankful for my job of speaking and writing and running our publishing company Whirlwind Publishing.
I feel grateful and honored to be able to do it. I’m also so thankful for my husband Dave’s job and all he does to provide for our family. He is such a solid rock and such a great leader, father, husband, and friend.
How about you? Are you grateful and honored to have your job? Do you say a prayer of thanks for all you have and not complain about all you don’t have?
I think sometimes we just need a little reminder of how much we do have and how wonderful our lives truly are. Spring is on it’s way and it’s warming up all over America! Isn’t that GREAT?! :) Pat yourself on the back because we have made it through the long hard winter and now–bring on the sunshine, the positive blue skies, and the hope and new life and new beginnings that come with SPRING!!
I hope that your Monday is going great and that if you have been “dreading” today or if you have been facing it with a not so great attitude that you will remember to “Thank God it is Monday” and know that each day is determined by you and the attitude in which you face each and every day. A GREAT attitude will bring about a GREAT day! :) That is what I wish for you. A GREAT DAY, A GREAT WEEK, and a GREAT LIFE! :)
May happiness and love and joy be yours today and everyday! :)
Take care and I’ll be back on this Kellie Speaks Happy blog again soon with more advice and guidance on happiness.
Love and blessings, Kellie :)

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